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About us

We are a New pantheon of players that love to help our members build their Characters, Run instances together and watch as each of you get Stronger and Better.   We will be there to answer any questions you may have to the best of our knowledge.   We won’t say that we will always HAVE the answers or always be RIGHT.   But we WILL try our best to Answer them.

In this pantheon your Divine Form will not be the End All Be All of this game.   That will only be the beginning of some of the best stuff this game has to offer you.   You will need to be able to look toward the future of what this Pantheon CAN BE.   We will be getting access to Distortions, Invasions, Raids and Bonuses, and we look forward to you, Our Members, Growing with us to make these Milestones Possible.   This pantheon will probably not be for the ‘Here And Now’ gamers, but for the ‘In it for the long haul’ ones.

There will be NO PLACE for Drama in this pantheon.   We need to be able to get along Well to make this an Enjoyable, Fun and Exciting place for the Gods of Aelion to come Play and Grow together.

There will be no Disrespect, Bickering or Infighting among members.   If this is going to be a place we can all come to Enjoy, Explore and Grow in this world that has been created for us to play in, there must be a mutual Respect and Harmony with all members.

So, From one God to Another.   Welcome to Fallen Dragons.   May our Friendship be as Noticeable as our Presence on the Battlefield.   May we stand together as strong as the Steel our Weapons are made of.   And may or Enemies run in fear at the sound of our Battle Cry of ‘The Dragons Have Awakened’.


GloryHammer/Fallen Dragon News

Introduction to GloryHammer Gaming/Fallen Dragons

Thank you for your interest in joining GloryHammer Gaming, and the Skyforge Pantheon Fallen Dragons


Clan History

First, I will tell you a bit more about us. This guild started in 2015 by Matthew (Dolamite) our Founder and High King (yea we are using game of throne ranks)

We offer our members free services like Tech support, Psychological services for those who want it, and Financial assistance on a first come first serve and case to case basis.


Guild Rules

We aren’t going to last as a stable and fun community, without rules. All of our rules are posted on Discord.

We have two main rules.

1) You should be on Discord while gaming. You do not need a mic or even talk on Discord if you do not wish to. However, you should be logged on.

We use Discordto keep track of our active players and plan events accordingly. If for what ever reason you do not what to be bothered or just want some peace and quiet, feel free to use AFK/Quiet channel.

2) Treat others as you would like to be treated.

We do have some more common sense, straight forward rules under our Main rules. I am not going to go over them, but you know where they are if you want to read them at any time.


Clan Webpage

We have a webpage, on our webpage, you will find the other games we support, and our social media information if you want to get involved that way. We also will have a store, ads, streaming, and other ideas, to help us pay for all the services here. So when it goes live and if you find something you would like, don’t hesitate to check stuff out.


Getting Started

If you would please click on register on the site, fill in your info, and await your activation email. It usually goes to spam for some reason.

Once you are activated, you can go to games we support, pick your game, and apply for membership. Then our Admins will accept you.

Welcome to the Community! If you have any questions ask us!

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