Discord Install Issues


Recently a few of our members have been having issues with installing discord to their computers, for windows 10 it seems there is an issue.

One of the ways i have gotten around this install issue is to download the discord beta build. https://discordapp.com/download

Click on the one that says public test build.

This version seems more stable than the regular client.


Once you get into discord click the plus symbol, make sure you use the permanent discord link on bottom of website

Then to connect to it by selecting a channel in the chat rooms.


On bottom left you will see your name that you set up, and you usually come in muted the first time. Go ahead and un-mute yourself, and then go to user settings and then voice, and then use the Push to Talk function.


The thing to remember with Discord is  that it is still in testing, and does have some issues with it working as intended, but with a little patience this can be overcome.

Thanks and remember to try to be in discord when you are gaming! It helps us all make long lasting friendships.


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