Getting Divine Form Part 1


Part One­ Veinnes Virtual Reality Quest [for Flavius]


I know we have all uttered those words at one time or another. And some of us know it all to

well. There are a few places where those words are Really Heard. This Series of Articles tackles

a small number of them. For this Month’s Article we take a look at one of those Places. If you

have made it to Veinnes and have met Flavius there then you are Very Much familiar with this first

Trouble Area.


Personally this was one of the first places I really started having problems. Of course at the time I

didn’t realize it was Partly because I had Horribly Inflated my Might, and that was part of what

was causing my problems with it. So when it comes to your Might and how you bring it up this is

very important for Many Things in your gaming Experience. Personally I would tell you to keep

your Might at about the Halfway Point of where you Stamina is at least for a while, cause if you

Bring it up to high compared to your Stamina you will not be able to face certain things cause you

won’t have enough Health to Survive long when you are up against some of the stronger Monsters

later in the game. When you get to this part of your Main Storyline Quest [it is when you are

trying to get Information from a Reaper of Death for Flavius, so you will know what is going on

with him, and the situation with the Reapers of Death.


There are a few pieces of Information you get here, but I won’t tell you what that is, as it would

Spoil a Good Bit of the storyline for you, and you wouldn’t get the reaction that is Intended by the

Developers for the remainder of your Divine Form Quest. Now I will say this, in this part of the

main Storyline Quest you have to go meet Flavius in Veinnes and go into Virtual Reality to get

some information from one of the Reapers Of Death. But to get this information you need to beat

Several Waves of Monsters Inside the Virtual Reality Chamber to actually see what the reaper

saw. So you can get some kind of clue about what you will be facing a little later in your Divine

Form Quest.


Now for this battle you will want to use your Highest and Strongest Class [and the one that does

the most DPS [Damage Per Second] to fight these Monsters as there are about 4 or 5 Waves of

Enemies [and at least one that I know of with a 4x [4 Life Lines] in it that I can remember] and

some of them are in Big Groups, and some send the Purple hands at you that you need to Avoid if

you don’t want to get One Shotted. There is one section where the Enemy spawns the Wardens of

Darkness. But once you get done with facing all the waves of Enemies then you start getting

“Visions” of what the reaper Saw, and this information is Important. But to get the Information

you need to survive the Fights.


I am putting this out there so you can read it and get prepared to face this Enemy, as it is a part of

the main Storyline Quest that you have to do Alone. There are a few of them where you can’t take

Anyone in to help you, and you have to survive the fight On Your Own, and this is one of them.

Once you survive this you can move on to getting Closer to getting Laertes’ Ether Body, and

acquiring your Divine Form.


Next Issue we deal with another Trouble Area….. Donholk Glacier [The Holder of Laertes’

Ether Body]. Again I will not spill the beans on Anything, or Spoil anything for you where the

Main Storyline Quest is concerned, but I will give you the Information to Survive this Problem

Area the best way I can.

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