I can’t get past this… Help Please…. Part Two­ Donholk Glacier



I know we have all uttered those words at one time or another. And some of us know it all to

well. There are a few places where those words are Really Heard. This Series of Articles tackles

a small number of them. For this Month’s Article we take a look at one of those Places. If you

have made it to Donholk Glacier then you know what area I am talking about. Usually you

encounter this area when you go to get Laertes’ Ether body just before you go get your Divine

Form. However I have noticed that you get Access to it if we are in the midst of a Reaper Of

Death Invasion. If you have gotten Access to either of these places and gotten access to Donholk

then you are going to understand what trouble area I am talking about. But we are going to deal

with the Instance from beginning to end. Some of the Mobs aren’t that horribly hard, but it is the

Boss Fights that you might need help with. So here we go.


Personally this was the Second Place I really had problems with. Of course at the time I didn’t

realize it was Partly because I Hadn’t acquired my Paladin Symbol yet, and that was part of what

was causing my problems with it. I will say that if you haven’t gotten your Paladin Symbol yet,

You will need it from this point on. When you get to this part of your Main Storyline Quest [If

you are going there to get Laertes’ Ether Body] you aren’t far from getting your Divine Form, but if

you have access to it for an Invasion this will Definitely come in handy as you will know how to

deal with this area when the time comes to get his Ether Body.


When you get to this area there will be some mobs at the start that you shouldn’t have problems

with as they are rather Easy. The first thing you will come across that you may not be prepared

for is this first Boss Fight. If I am thinking right, I believe this is the first time you have to fight

more than One Boss Mob at a time. For this First Boss Fight, you will be facing 3 5x [5 lifelines]

Enemies at the same time. It isn’t too Horribly hard, cause it isn’t too hard to focus on One

Enemy at a time while you are using your AOE [Area Of Effect] Attacks on all 3. In doing this

you will be doing a good bit of damage to one enemy at a time while taking some damage off of

the other 2. While doing this you can knock down how many lines you have to take off of the

other 2. One of these mobs casts a heal spell on the other 2, so you need to take him out first.

This one has the Wand on him, so take this one out first. The other 2 will cast Shields on each

other. Now once you get these last 2 down to one, the final one will try to cast bubble Damage

Attacks on you [it looks a little bit like the ones the Mantide Guards would cast at you in the

Lanber Catacombs], so when he does this you will want to dash out of it. Once you are done with

this boss fight you can move on to the next area.


After a little time of fighting some other Easy Mobs on the path to the next area [which is a Open

Area that almost looks like an Ice Cave. Just before the exit to the next room, you will face 2

Carrions and a Reaper of Death. The Reaper will cast those Purple Hands at you but you can keep

away from those pretty easily after you kill all the Little Mobs in the area before you face these 3.

Once you get through with these 3 guys you move to the next area. In it you will find a Mammoth

in a cage off to one side, and there are Carrions and a Reaper in this area along with some Virds.

Before you go to the next area. You can either let the Mammoth go, and use him to fight with

you against the Virds at the end of this room, or you can leave him there in his cage. After you

fight the Virds at the exit of this room you get to the next room which holds the second Boss

Fight. There are Several enemies in this next room, but you should be able to Dispense of them

rather Easily. After them you will go into a little Cove off to the side that holds a Reaper of

Death, and what looks like a Really Big Carrion, but he is the slave of the Reaper. This is the

Next boss Battle that could give you a hard time if you don’t have your Paladin Shield, or aren’t

Informed enough to understand the mechanics, thus the reason I am putting this here for you to



For this fight the Master and Slave are Both 10x Boss Mobs. This is where things get Tricky.

The Reaper will cast the Purple Hands at you, and if they hit you they will basically One Shot

you. If you focus too much on the Slave, he will Heal the slave. Now where the Slave is

concerned, if you focus too much on the Master, the slave will Rage and come after you and slash

Attack you, Of course doing Damage to you, though not as badly as the Purple hands will do. So

the best thing you can do is attack the Master for a little while, and if the Slave starts Raging,

throw some attacks at him for a bit, Just stop before the Master can Kick in and Heal him. In

splitting the damage between the two you will keep their Lifelines pretty close to each other. If

you use some AOE Attacks on them both it will make the fight go a little Better. Just don’t take

too much off of one mob before you hit the other one. The reason you have to Fight them this

way is, if you kill the master before the slave, the Slave will Rage and send out a Wave Attack that

will Surely One Shot you, and there will be nothing you can do to stop it. If you kill the Slave

First the Master will probably try to bring him Back with some of his Health in tact to fight you

once again to take the heat off of him. Now in fighting them this way you will be Keeping their

lifelines so close together, that it will make it easier to kill them 10 Seconds Apart, which is the

Window of Time you have before the other one will Act to use their Attack or Heal Spell

[Depending on which one you killed First]. Once you finish this fight you can move on to the

final Boss Fight of the Glacier.


After you leave the Double Boss Fight, you will go through the Gate into the next area. In here

you will be fighting groups of Carrions and Virds, as well as groups of Reapers and Death

Machines. If you have made it through the Double Boss Fight you should be able to handle these

guys pretty well. Once you are done with them, you will come to a Cave at the Very End of a

long passage. In this cave you will see a Reaper Of Death on one of the Death Machines. The

first part of this battle you will be fighting the two of them together. Though it doesn’t look like

you are doing much damage, you are doing what needs to be done. Once you do enough Damage

the Reaper of Death will get off of the Death Machine. You will be fighting him as the Death

Machine Runs around trying to Ram you. Not only do you have to Dodge these Ramming

Attacks, the Reaper of Death will not only be casting the Purple Hands at you, but he has added a

new attack. He will drop these Purple Globes on the ground that cause Damage to you if you get

too close to them. Once he Casts this spell, if you get close to them you will see the Dodge

Movement Arrows at your Feet to tell you to Dash Away. After a while of trying to Ram you, the

Death Machine will Crash into the wall and stop his Attacks. Once you defeat this last enemy that

is the end of Donholk. If you are there to get Laertes’ Ether Body and your next step will be to go

get your Divine form. If you are here in regards to the Invasion, now you know how to deal with

this area when you do get to that point of the storyline quest.


That is it for this Issue of “Help Please”. Next Issue we deal with another Trouble Area….. the

Quest for getting your Divine Form. Again I will not spill the beans on Anything, or Spoil

anything for you where the Main Storyline Quest is concerned, but I will give you the Information

to Survive this Problem Area the best way I can. And once you get done with the next quest Issue

you will have your Divine Form and be able to do So Much More than you have been to this

point. So get ready for an Interesting Battle.

So till next time. Play On and Have Fun.

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