Skyforge: The Importance of Symbols


Example of Symbols in Skyforge


The Wonderfulness of Symbols

If you have been playing Skyforge for any amount of time you have noticed all the Symbols you can get.   The Nice thing about these is that they really do some good things for your character and Classes.  There are class symbols [From maxing out your different Classes], Invasion symbols [From the Invasion Atlases], and Regular Symbols [that you find on the Ascension Atlas].   The ones that you find on the Ascension Atlas are mostly for Buffing your Attacks, you PVP Game, or giving your character some nice Attacks and DOTs [Damage Over Time] to use in PVE AND PVP.

There are 13 class symbols [as there are 13 classes in the game right now], a couple of them Tweak that Certain Class with something special [but something different for any OTHER class].   However most of them give Perks to YOU as a CHARACTER.   Take for Example Divine Intervention [The Paladin Class Symbol].   It can Negate a Single Attack from an Enemy [if the percentage of Life it will take is Above 10% of your current Life Points] if there is a possibility that Said Attack can ‘One Shot’ you [like some Boss Attacks], and it can last for a few Seconds After that attack [4 seconds for Divine Intervention].   Each Class Symbol does something different for your character.   Now when you ‘Max Out’ a class you obtain 2 Extra Symbol Slots that you can use.   Your best bet in using those Extra Symbol Slots is to add the Class Symbol for the class you just Maxed Out, and use the other one for any other symbol you want to use in the Normal Symbol List.   So Eventually you are going to want to max out ALL your Classes [if for no other Reason than to just get the Extra Symbol Slots].

Most of the Symbols found in game can be unlocked in the Ascension Atlas or Invasion Atlas.   Now some of these are going to give your Attacks a little extra ‘Oomph’ or some form of DOT Effect.   Some of these symbols come in ‘Sets’ of Groups that are beneficial to each other.   Take for example Paralyzing Shock and Pain Shock.   One of them Paralyzes your enemy and makes it where they can’t Attack for a few seconds [3 seconds for Pain Shock], However Pain Shock won’t work on 4x or 10x bosses.   This attack can become Stronger by the Addition of Pain Shock.   When you add Pain Shock to Paralyzing Shock, BOTH Attacks are cast SIMULTANEOUSLY [thus making it a much Stronger Attack] so by using them together you can have the Stun part of it to make the enemy not Attack you for 3 seconds for Non-Bosses AND deal damage to the enemy.   However if you have added Pain Shock to the mix, though the Paralyzing Shock won’t work on a Boss, the Pain Shock will Still take the Damage off of them.   So using Both of those together is a very Beneficial Skill Set to use.

Invasion Symbols won’t become Available to you till you get close to the End of the Atlas for one of the  Invading Armies, and usually it will only work against members of That Specific Invading Army, and not on any other Enemy.   However in an Invasion Situation, any amount of Help is Welcomed.   So once you get access to the Invasion Symbols it would be Very Beneficial for you to Activate them as you come across them.

I hope this Article has been helpful to you.   Let me know below.   If you ever have any Questions in game Ask me and I will do my Very Best to answer it.   Who Knows you may see an Article in the future that focuses a little more In Depth on the question you had asked me In Game.   So keep your eyes out and let’s grow together.

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