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Here on this page is all the different ways you can proudly support this community.

Over the next few months, we will have a store,  where you can purchase gaming memorabilia, as well as GloryHammer Gaming swag. This will be an exciting way to show off your pride, and help bring in the much needed revenue of keeping this all working.

Next we will be having streaming channels at in the coming months. If you want to sign up for that, please get with Matthew (High King) aka Dolamite.  The hope is to have 24/7 streaming from the community in 2 hour blocks.. All donations during this period will help support the community. I plan on doing a charity event each week to allow for our work to truly impact others, the plan is to use 60 percent of it towards the charity, and the other 40 percent for our own community charities and support.

Also we will have ads on the site, as well as partner supported ads, and affiliate ads. These help us generate small dribs and drabs from our user base. So if you find something you like go ahead and click on it. (we do not take responsibility on what is on the other side of the ad clicks.)

Also you can donate to us directly by clicking on the paypal donate button on the site. We really appreciate donations, as they allow for us to continue to provide excellent service, and support for our members.


Thank you all for reading this, and we hope and pray you have a wonderful day!

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