“You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!”


Isn’t it funny how when you have been in a game for a while, eventually you start looking back on

the many changes that have come along, and end up thinking those same exact words. Let me

explain a little bit what I mean.


For those of you that haven’t been in game that long, or just long enough to remember the most

Recent Patch or Two you may enjoy reading how things have changed since July of Last Year.

One of the first things to change in Skyforge was how we dealt with our Ether Cores [what are

now Vectors, and Nodes of Creation, Balance or Destruction]. Back then you had Certain Ether

Cores that worked on a Specific Stat, [Strength, Might, Stamina, and all the other Big Stats] and

you placed them in all the Core Slots, so you could have cores for all those stats in just One

Node. When they brought in Aelion’s Call I do believe, they Made Drastic Changes to how we

dealt with those. They split them up into certain Stats for the 3 Different Nodes and Vectors.

One of the Great Changes they made for the game in my opinion. That was one of the reasons

that made me create my second character. And when Aelion’s Call came down I started playing

my original Character again as I could rebuild him the way I needed him to be.


One of the next things that changed was the Atlas System. Yes that wonderful thing where you

have the Drop­Down Menus for changing the Class Atlas you are viewing, and the Divine Atlas

View, and all those things. This was before the Invasion Army Atlases [We will get to that in a

little bit]. Before this change you had to open your side Bar Class Menu to change the Atlas

View. Sometimes a Pain if you were going through the different classes you had Maxed or were

working on at the moment. I think that was why they came up with the idea to make a drop­down

class atlas menu option. There were probably a good number of people that were in on that one.

When that change came in I am sure there were many people that heaved a sigh of Relief.

One of the biggest things that have changed quite a bit is the invasions. I think it was about a

month or two after Skyforge went Open Beta, that we had our First Invasion. I can remember it. It

was a Phytonide Invasion. As well as I remember, there weren’t any of the things that we have

Recently begun to Expect with Invasions. The Sparks, Tokens, Invasion Army Missions, or

anything like that. Then again I wasn’t in a Real Pantheon that I could be Excited about being in

enough to really follow any of that. Kinda funny how that can change your Perception of things as

well [Getting in a pantheon that you really CARE about enough to really follow Everything that is

going on in a game]. But I don’t remember seeing anything about those kinds of things being

talked about. It was almost like they weren’t there yet. I am not sure they had the Atlases for the

Phytonides in place yet either to be honest. But then you have to realize this was a month or so

into Open Beta. I am not sure about the Resistance System as I wasn’t in a pantheon that I cared

enough to check those things. There may have been but there may not have been though either. I

do know when I got into my First Pantheon that I cared about I hadn’t gotten close enough to be

able to worry about the Invasions as I hadn’t gotten my Divine Form yet. It wasn’t until closer to

the end of the year that I achieved that Milestone. The last Pantheon I was in I started paying

attention to the Resistances and the Invasion Content. This is actually leading me up to talking

about the New Laboratory [we’ll get to that in a bit].


Little things have changed here and there, but one of the first Big Changes came in the form of the

Invading Army Atlases, [Mechanoid, Phytonide, Reaper of Death and so on] a good 3 updates

back these things didn’t exist. When the developers add Content they Really add content. The

Atlas Setup was the first to change, then they added new Symbols for the invasions, then brought

in Army Missions on the world map. Recently the Addition of the Knowledge half of the Army

atlases [on the Back End of the Starting point of each Atlas]. Those haven’t always been there as

far as I can remember either, [another wonderful thing that has been added where invasions are

concerned] and the Solo Invasion Run that was started on the last Invasion [that has continued on

this Recent one]. This solo invasion run is nice for more than one reason. For those people that

haven’t been able to participate in Invasions before, this gives them a chance to see what an

Invasion can Be Like [though on a much Smaller Scale] with the Bubbles that are Dropped on the

battlefield. I will say that the enemies in these solo Runs are quite a bit Easier to Kill as well

[though sometimes can be rather Tough if you aren’t totally Prepared]. This is one thing I

Seriously Hope they keep going further where invasions are concerned. If you are someone that is

Used to the Invasions it gives you a chance to stop the Invasion on a smaller scale on your own,

before you move on to the Larger Battles. It can help you learn your Enemy a little better. What

they can use against you [in forms of what you will need for your Resistance to that particular

Army] and how they will be fighting Against You.


Now let’s get back to our newest addition for the Invasions. The Laboratory. Up until this most

recent Update did they change how we dealt with our Resistances. Before that you had to be in a

Pantheon with an Ether Projector Built before you could get any Resistances, and it took Longer to

Research them [about 2 1⁄2 – 3 Days] and it took a bit more to start your Research too. With this

newest Update I think that is one of the Better changes they Started [Now if your pantheon has a

Projector you get Bonus Things that most other people Don’t]. Not only that but they have set up

the Laboratory Window to show what Invasion Missions you will be dealing with for that Army

[Lending a Hand, Crashed Landing Ship and so on] and the Level you have to be to take part in

them. Very Important information if you want to take part in certain Invasion Missions, as well as

how much it will take to face their Avatar [if they have that Avatar Battle Ready and Set Up for

that Invading Army already or not]. I will have to say that I am looking forward to our First

Oceanid Invasion and just waiting for our First Demon Invasion [as those are the only invasions

we have yet to see up to this point].


So here’s to hoping you are enjoying the game and having a good time growing with us here at

Fallen Dragons.

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